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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Get paid to share your Photos - Earn Money

Shareapic is a free service that allows its users to upload and host images on their servers. Shareapic has a unique revenue sharing model that compensates users for directing their friends and family to see their hosted images. When a member hosts a gallery, they can then show this gallery to others. Each time this is done, the member is paid.

If you interest in this topic then read this article very carefully. Follow these step by step instructions given below.


1. What is needed?

Personal computer
Internet access

Why you need a personal computer?

Ø To organize all the photos that is either downloaded from the internet or your personal photos.
Ø To bookmark all the forums or websites for photo posting.
Ø To earn easymoney from adsense

Why you need internet access?

Ø Account registration. (i.e paypal, google adsense, forum and etc)
Ø Search and download all the photos from the internet.
Ø Upload all the photos to the website.
Ø Post the photos to the respective forum, website or through email.
Ø To earn easymoney from google adsense

2. Procedures

First step: Account registration

a) => Earn easymoney by sharing your picture online.

This website allows you to upload celebrities, model, actor, actress, wallpaper (STRICTLY no nudities allowed) and share it all over the internet. The registration on this website is absolutely FREE.

b) => to receive the easymoney payment from

Assume that you are already earning some money from the website, you need to register an account in to withdraw the payment granted from So far, the website is only making payment through paypal. The registration for paypal account is also FREE, please be informed that is only allow money withdraw at a minimum of 20USD.

c) Google adsense => to allow google to put ads on your profile,adsense

By register an account with google for google adsense , u are giving permission to google to put ads on your profile on When the viewer browses through your profile (impression), you EARN easymoney, when the viewer click on the ads, you EARN easymoney. You are able to track your account showing the number of clicks and impressions from time to time by logging in to

Feel difficult or don't know about Google adsense ? Click here to follow step by step instruction.

Second step: Upload picture

After you get your account registration done, now is the time to start uploading your photo to the website. You can upload any photo that you want; beautiful scene, celebrities, your own picture….etc. But remember, DO NOT UPLOAD ANY PHOTO THAT CONTAINS ANY NUDITY, OR U WILL BE GET BANNED! You are advised to read the terms and conditions on the website before start uploading.

All your photos will be stored in one folder on the website, you will see the folder is not publicized until the photos are verified by the admin.

After the photo is verified and is publicized, now is the time to start sharing your photos all over the world electronically. To share the photos that you upload earlier, you would need to obtain a link code, the link code will be different if you are planning to share your picture either on a forum, email or directly on

a) Add gallery: Click on the “Add Gallery” to upload photos.

b) Assign gallery name: Insert gallery name for your photos in the yellow box as shown and upload the photos that you want to share.

c) Select photos to share: Select the photos that you want to share all over the internet by picking one by one, or select all photos by one click.

d) Get the link code: After select all the photos that you want to share, pick the option “Get complete link code for selected image” and click “GO”.

e) Copy the link code: Copy the complete link code and paste it where even you want to share your photos.

Notice that there are three types of link code:

i) “Clickable thumbnails for forums/boards” => Copy this link code and paste in a forum or board.
ii) “Clickable thumbnails for Blog, ebay auction, website, etc” => Copy this link code and paste in blog, ebay auction, website and etc.
iii) “Show the image to your friends” => Copy this link code and paste in your email if you want to share this photo with you friend or family through email.

Step 3: Get google adsense into your profile

Log in with your login ID to the google adsense web, and browse “ adsense Setup”. Under “adsense Setup”, there are three options for you to choose on what kind of adsense that you want to put on your’s profile. Click on the options provided and follow the steps to properly set up the adsense. Click here for the setup Guide

After you have properly set up the adsense , you would required to get the “Property Information” and paste it into the

3. Additional resources

It is advisable that you share you photos through forum, especially those high traffic forums. Just imagine, if you upload 10 pictures (1 post) to one forum per day, and that post is viewed by 100 peoples per day, hence there will be 1000 views of your photo per day. For yourinformation, pay 0.22USD per 1000 photos viewed, meaning that u will get 0.22USD per post. If let say you post the same photos to 50 different forums per day, Which equal to,
0.22USD X 50 = 11USD / day. My Total shareapic earnings till now. See that picture.
This is not a joke, by just sharing your photos on the web you are able to earn $11USD easymoney per day!! And this is only for 50 posts, what if a little bit more effort is carried out, 80 posts, 100 posts, 150 posts………..please calculate yourself on how much you can earn. THIS IS STILL HAVENT COUNT adsense IN!! This is only a part time job and no special skill is required, you just need to spend your leisure time in front of a
computer and your are able to make your life better than ever.

4.0 Please take your first step NOW!

Please note that this training material is not going to bring you easy money but it is going to make your life easier if you are able to spend your leisure time in front of a computer rather than wasting the time on the job that will not bring you anything.
Since all the registration is FOC currently, why not we are just fully utilizing this tremendous opportunity to earn some pocket money.


In this material, we are just concentrating on training people on earning money from and google adsense in fact there is quite a number of this kind of similar website that is doing the same thing. But to make thing clear and not to confuse the reader, we are just introducing the method on earning easymoney using the, you can apply the same method to other website and I believe that you can get the same return.
At last, you are advised that, how much money you earn is depends on how much effort you put!

Do you need help to signup? feel free to contatct, give a comment to this post.


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Anonymous said...

There are also two similar sites that works the same way than shareapic:

Picspay and Imagefly

See how it works with Picspay, live gallery

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