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Friday, January 25, 2008

Send 100% FREE SMS Worldwide

Would you like to send FREE SMS worldwide? It won't cost you even a single cent to send those SMS. Unlike some softwares that claims to send SMS for free but you need to connect your phone to send and at the end of the day you'll still be charged to your bill. I would like to stress out to you people not to abuse this free service. It's a very useful FREE service that is hard to find nowadays.

Follow the steps below.
1. Download the FREE SMS Sender archive package at the end of this post.
2. Extract the downloaded file, run widgetsus.exe to install Yahoo! Widget Engine and restart.
3. On your traybar(beside where the time is shown), you'll see a new icon. Left click on it once and select "Open Widget..."
4. Locate the file SMS.widget where you extracted the archive and click the Open button.
5. You will be prompted a warning message saying "You are about to run "SMS" for the first time. This widget was not built by Yahoo! or a trusted partner. You should only use this Widget if you know and trust the source

Click on the "Use Widget" button.
6. You will now see a red colored dialog box to send free SMS.

7. You need to do some configurations before you can start sending free SMS. Click on the small "I" button at the bottom right of the widget. Email is required and phone number is optional. If you're from US or Canada, select the appropriate carrier. Other countries can select "International".
8. Now you can send FREE SMS! Just make sure that you enter the + with country code before the number. Type in your message and click Send! Check your Country Code HERE!

I tried sending a message to myself to see how the message looks like. The message that I got was from "Camy". There's no number but only a word "CallWave". If you entered your email but without phone number, your email will appear and then followed by your message. After your message, a URL ( will be added. If you entered both your email and phone number, your phone number will appear but email will not. You have to enter a valid email address. Even a bogus one is accepted.

Please do not abuse this free useful service. I remembered years ago icg used to be able to send SMS worldwide but now only a few country is supported. I even had programs that can bomb SMS using ICQ SMS service. I know it's fun to bomb someone you hate but very soon all these free services will be goneIf you're wondering who is providing this FREE SMS service, it's from CallWave

Download FREE SMS Cender

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Anonymous said...

Nice post..Keep it up to date..I bookmark this site.
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